What Kind of Oil does an Electric Chainsaw Use?

What Kind of Oil does an Electric Chainsaw Use

As their name suggests, Electric Chainsaws derive their operational energy or power from electricity, meaning that they do not require any kind of fuel for their optimal performance. However, electric chainsaws require lubrication for effective service delivery, and the lubrication used does not vary so much from those used in gas-powered or bar chainsaws. In some instances where this type of chainsaw needs a mixture of gas and oil to run properly hence you are called upon to acquaint yourself with the right knowledge of the kind of oil as well as gases for the electric chainsaw.

Based on the above position, one would ask therefore; which is the best oil for use in an electric chainsaw? However complicated and confusion this is for many users, this article will discuss the types of recommended oils as well as their differences to avoid a situation where one mixes oils and even uses a combination of select gases and oil.

What Kind of Oil does an Electric Chainsaw Use

Highly Recommended Oil for the Electric Chainsaws

In the same way the chain and bar chainsaws use or require oil for optimal performance so do electric chainsaws need the application of its special type of oil? In many cases especially where there is inadequate supply of this oil, those used in bar and chainsaws can still be used for an electric chainsaw. However, take time to read over these three highly recommended types of oil to apply on your electric chainsaw:

  • Blended Chainsaw-Oils- these types of blended electric chainsaw oils work by reducing the susceptibility of the machine to ‘throw-off’ challenges. So how does it do this? It manages to accomplish this by keeping the chain and the bar together for durability and reliability.
  • Viscous Oils- there are highly viscous oils that change their viscosity to align with the immediate environmental conditions or changes. Avoid oils that change their viscosity especially where you are to work in an area that experiences great temperature changes in the form of weather changes.
  • Vegetable-Made or based oils- the vegetable based oils are the most recommended for electric chainsaws especially where you are keen to keep the carbon footprint intact. Moreover, this type of oil is used where you insist in mitigating or managing the damage on the trees that you are pruning.
  • Motor Oils- some chainsaw makers are known to recommend the use of motor oil when all the alternatives are not available since motor oils are not susceptible to weather changes, it is not highly viscous, and has been in use for many years in both bar and chainsaws.

Stick to the Manufacturer Recommendations

Some electric chainsaws come with specifically tailored-oil recommendations from the manufacturers. That is common on electric chainsaws that share characteristics with the bar chainsaws. In other situations, manufacturers have developed brands that have electric chainsaws working in exactly same version with the bar chainsaws. This is therefore the best option where and when you fail to acquire the other types of oil from the market. 

Where and when the manufacturer fails to recommended the oil that you can apply on your electric chainsaw, it is important that you go for the three discussed above being; the vegetable-based oils, the highly viscous oils, and the specially blended chainsaws oils. In all circumstances and conditions however, always stick to the oils for the electric chainsaw especially if and when it is available. As an operator, you are further encouraged to consult as you seek alternative oils especially where and when the manufacturer fails to indicate the same. It is the best course of action. Some chainsaw makers inform their customers on this.

Importance of Sticking to Manufacturer Recommendations

So you would ask why it is necessary as well as important to use only that oil which is recommended by the manufacturer. The following could be the best explanations:

  • Using manufacturer ensures your chainsaw has a longer lifespan. Failing to stick to the same would shorten the lifespan of your electric chainsaw. It also affects the drive sprocket and the clutch assembly.
  • The recommended lubrications have been tested and found to be of greater beneficial interests in terms of performance and quality service delivery.
  • External oils such as motor oils tend to reduce the friction for they introduce foreign particles that inhibit the normal operation of the lubricants.
Chainsaw oil

Should Motor Oils be avoided in Totality?

As it was stated earlier, motor oils can be used as the very last option when all the alternatives and options have been exhausted. However, when that condition has not been satisfied, you are advised to avoid it in totality as a form of lubrication despite the fact that it is cheaper. Some of the reasons that have been advanced for reason to stick to the electric chain oils include the following:

  • The electric chainsaw oils have the ability to prevent heat, friction, or slowed operation.
  • It reduces throw-off during phases where it operates under high speeds.
  • It is developed with the ability to resist and prevent the build-up of gum and sap, something that other chainsaws experience on a regular basis.


The article has discussed the importance of lubricating your electric chainsaw but by using the right or recommended oil for purposes of reducing friction, preventing the introduction of foreign particles, and more importantly, ensuring that the electric chain performs optimally. Moreover, using the right oil enhance the lifespan of the chainsaw. In many cases, sticking to the manufacturer remains the best action to take especially where the recommended oil is still available in the market. Electric chainsaws still remain the most environmentally friendly machines that you could acquire and they are indeed gaining popularity for the efficiency, effectiveness, and power. All that should be maintained is to ensure that you are using the electric chainsaw as recommended by the manufacturer as well as applying the right type of oil.